A working relationship that began in 2004 and has grown and been strengthened in just a few years, giving excellent results.

In this successful partnership with Marchesini Group is Cipla, a leading Indian pharmaceutical company in the production of generic medicines. We take a closer look at Cipla, focusing on the close collaboration between the Indian pharmaceutical company and the Italian Group, boosted by the latest visit by a Marchesini delegation to the Cipla production site in Goa, India.

Cipla, excellence in the pharmaceutical sector

Cipla, a 75 year old Indian pharmaceutical company, is today ranked No. 1 among the leading pharmaceutical companies in India. Traditionally and firmly rooted in its country with more than 30 production sites, for the domestic market the company produces a vast range of generic medicines which the nation really needs: antibiotics, antibacterial, antiasthmatic, antiulcerating, anticancer drugs, corticosteroids, cardiovascular and nutritional products. It exports around 50% of its sales, in particular to Europe and the USA, but also to Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia and it sells basic components, intermediate products, over the counter products and prescription medicines abroad. In recent years, Cipla has significantly developed the R&D sector to perfect various types of its own pharmaceutical products. Over the years company policy has been to keep the prices of its medicines quite low so as to meet the requirements of so-called third world countries. It is partly for that reason that Cipla has earned the respect of many international politicians.

Cipla and Marchesini Group: an increasingly close partnership

Cipla and Marchesini Group began working together in 2004 with the supply of the first Lac tests: machines for carrying out quality control procedures on aerosol cans, inserted upstream of lines that package medicines for treating asthma. The supply of these machines continued over the years, since Cipla was very satisfied with the reliability of the machines provided and Marchesini Group guaranteed a serious partnership.

Cipla has purchased various strip lines – made up of the MST200 strip machine and the MA80 cartoner – for packaging various types of solid pharmaceutical products. These lines have been very successful and are installed in different production sites belonging to the Indian company. More recently, the co-operation between Cipla and Marchesini Group was further enhanced thanks to projects dedicated to the sector for filling bottles with liquid products, such as syrups and similar medicines.

A palm tree dedicated to Marchesini

The excellent relationship between Cipla and Marchesini Group is also demonstrated by the latest visit by a Marchesini delegation to the Cipla production site in Goa. For the occasion Maurizio Marchesini, the Group’s Managing Director, Piero Tomasi, its Commercial Director, Carlo Galli, M.E.C.A. director who handles Middle East and Central Asia markets for the Group, were received and entertained by a Cipla delegation. In the garden of the factory, a palm tree was planted, dedicated to Marchesini Group as a top class partner and supplier: a mark of respect that Cipla traditionally reserves for its own best managers, suppliers and customers, or statesmen who visit them (the palm dedicated to Marchesini Group, for example, is close to that assigned to former president of the United States of America Bill Clinton, a guest at Cipla several months earlier). With that gesture, Cipla underlined the importance of the collaboration with Marchesini Group: collaboration which will continue to grow over the years, just like the young palm tree, with great results.

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