Shenzen Neptunus Interlong

High technology, reliability and production efficiency are just some of the features of the first complete line for filling and packaging syringes at high speed (10,000 s/h) installed in China.

The line was designed and built by Marchesini Group for Shenzhen Neptunus Interlong, one of China’s leading companies in the sterile products sector.

The Shenzen based company, whose mission can be summed up with the motto “Safeguarding human health”, specialises in the production, sale and distribution of medicines in the sector of genetic engineering and prophylactic biological products.

Specifically, the products are sterile medicines which, therefore, require special care when being packaged. ‘Tailor-made’ solutions for the sterile products market This latest pairing is no coincidence, if you consider that Marchesini Group is the world leader in this important segment, the only company in the world able to design and build in-house all of the machines in the line and handle the engineering and supervision aspects. So, with this major supply, China, which follows the current trend of large-scale development in the disposable syringe segment, also provides a setting for our advanced technologies.

Technologies which are the result of profound integration between the various companies in the group: from Corima (filling and closing) to Farcon (thermoforming) and ending with Marchesini (cartoning, wrapping, palletising), not forgetting Neri (labelling) and Multipack (bundling).

As well as the machines, the Group has provided the Chinese company with engineering support, both for organisation of the rooms used for installation and for the production line’s “production flow”, making its consolidated experience in this field available to the customer.

The line’s ‘must-have’ items The 4 machines of which the line is composed perform the following operations: filling with sterile liquid and stoppering with rubber stoppers (FSP Co.ri.M.A.), syringe movement (MP1 Co.Ri.M.A.) to the plunger insertion and labelling station (AEC Co.Ri.M.A.), PVC tray thermoforming and insertion of the ready syringes in the trays (FB220 Farcon). All of this is done automatically, with stand-out technical details and solutions.

For example, on the FSP nests containing the syringes are automatically picked up from the tubs and moved with a conveyor system which avoids any risk of contact with the lower ends of the syringes. Even the system for conveying the rubber stoppers from the guides to the pre-insertion position above the empty syringes is designed to prevent syringe contamination by possible rubber particle residues. The innovative feature is a mechanical arm which picks up the stoppers from the guides outfeed and conveys them directly to the mouths of the syringes. Once the syringes have been filled, the tubs enter the De-nester MP1, which picks up the rows of syringes from the tub and places them in line on the conveyor so that they can be transported to the plunger insertion and labelling unit, with an intermediate visual inspection station. Plunger insertion and label application are carried out on the AEC101, equipped with an unscrambler for the plungers. Finally, there is the in line connection with the FB220 thermoformer, a new concept machine enjoying significant support and success in China (also for ampoule and vial packaging lines) thanks to its compact size, clean design in compliance with GMP standards, medium – high speeds, extremely flexible management of various types of primary containers on the same line and outstanding reliability and efficiency. The line is also set up for future integration downstream with machines for cartoning, overwrapping/shrink-wrapping, case-packing and ultimately palletising. All available in the complete range of Marchesini Group products.

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