State-of-the-art pharmaceutical packaging systems with innovative technological solutions, but above all customised lines, built to customer requirements and for the specific product to be packaged.

Following this work philosophy, Marchesini Group has through the years won customers all over the world.

These include Poen SA, featured in this case history, a well-known Argentinian pharmaceutical company specialising in ophthalmic products, based in Buenos Aires, which has collaborated with Marchesini Group for around a decade.

Leader on the Argentinian market Established in 1933, Poen (Productos Oftalmológicos de Elaboración Nacional) has its modern premises in Buenos Aires and in 1998 it joined the multi-national Roemmers Group. The company is a leader on the Argentinian market, producing and marketing the most modern and innovative ophthalmic products, high quality, innovative, safe solutions for eye health and well-being. The new factory, with modern equipment, employs around 173 specialist workers, including researchers who develop new products. It is a modern, dynamic and competitive company.

The products developed and made – anti-inflammatory products, antibiotics, anti-glaucoma products, anaesthetics, lubricating and decongestant drops, antihistamines, vitamins and minerals – are distributed in Argentina to more than 1000 hospitals and more than 25000 pharmacies. “We’re well known in Argentina’s pharmaceutical market – explained Dr. Victor Daniel Colombari, Poen technical manager – and as well as a strong presence in Latin America and Korea, our aim is to develop business on the European market”. “Since 1998 – he continued – we have worked with Marchesini Group, a leader in the sector for the production of pharmaceutical packaging machines which has always provided us with effective solutions, innovative, reliable systems, to meet our technical and practical requirements”.

Reliable, innovative, customised lines “The lines we purchased from Marchesini Group in recent years? Reliable, high-tech and perfect for our logistics and product needs”. That’s how Dr. Colombari sums up the relationship between Poen Laboratories and Marchesini Group spanning almost ten years. At the start of the year 2000 they purchased a liquids line for filling and capping bottles of eye drops (speed: 120 pieces/minute). The line features the ML652 filling and capping machine together with the Neri SL200 labeller and MA155 cartoner. The product, although remaining in a sterile environment, is transported from the third to the second floor by a modern feed and conveyor system designed by Marchesini, then arrives first at the MA155 cartoner, the Prisma 05 D3 check weigher and then the Multipack F40 stretch - shrink wrapping machine. The last two lines were delivered at the start of 2007: one line for filling and packaging bottles of eye drops (60 - 70 pieces/minute) – made up of a ML646 filling/capping machine for 5 - 10 ml bottles, a Neri SL200 labeller and an MA155 cartoner – and one tubes line for eye ointments, packaged in collapsible tubes, consisting of a tube filling machine, an MA155 cartoner, a Prisma 05 D3 check weigher and a Multipack F40 stretch - shrink wrapping machine. The most important aspect is that, as for the liquids system described, for these two lines Marchesini Group again developed an effective system for conveying packaged products from the third to the second floor, constantly guaranteeing the absence of air contamination during the entire packaging process. This is a fundamental aspect, if we consider that these are sterile solutions. “Our requirements related to logistics – explained Dr. Colombari – and product. What I mean is, we didn’t have much space and we needed both the ML646 and the tube filling machine on the third floor, whilst the secondary packaging machines – the cartoners, the check weigher and the wrapping machines are on the second floor. All of this, keeping in mind that the products packaged must be handled in a particular way because they are sterile. Marchesini Group developed a flexible, modular and innovative technological solution, guaranteeing excellent performance in terms of production and the quality of the product packaging process”. “Something that was very important – concluded the Poen technical manager – was the relationship based on trust established with the Marchesini engineers, technicians and sales staff.

Both I and Orazio Silvestrini, Poen’s head engineer and head of maintenance, found it a very positive experience working with Gilberto Runje, on sales aspects, and Miguel Ronco, on the technical side, both from Vanyrelco (NGM), the Marchesini Group agent in Argentina since 1980. Finally, it was a real pleasure to work with Marchesini technicians and get to know Massimo Marchesini, the Group founder”.

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