A successful, innovative and customised packaging solution able to suitably meet the specific requirements of a product. All thanks to a close and effective relationship between two companies such as Colomer Italy – a prestigious manufacturer of cosmetic solutions for hair, based in the Bologna province and part of Spain’s Colomer Group - and Marchesini Group.

The product we refer to is the Biopoint Absolute Cristal System hair colour kit produced by Colomer Italy, consisting of several components and so particularly complex in terms of the pack.

The solution designed and made by Marchesini Group? A line customised and calibrated according to the requirements of the customer and the product to be packaged.

Colomer Italy…some history

Colomer Italy is part of Spain’s The Colomer Group which includes leading brands such as Biopoint, Natural Honey, Intercosmo, American Crew, Revlon Professional and Roux. With sales of more than 60 million and production at around 28 million items per year, the company, based in Padulle, Sala Bolognese (Bologna province), accounts for 10% of group sales. The factory produces hair colours – which are amongst the main products, or 85% of total production – as well as perms and bleaches for Italy and the other Group companies, marketed under brands such as Revlonissimo, Voilà, Llongueras, Biopoint. The company’s strengths are its great attention to quality control and R&D for new products. The company development strategy was greatly influenced by investments in packaging to automate production and so increase production capacity while reducing working costs.

“With regard to this, Marchesini Group played an important part – explained Manfredo Malpensa, Engineering and Production Manager for Colomer Italy – half of the machines we use are from the Pianoro-based company”.

Biopoint Absolute Cristal System: a product and its requirements

The projects on which Colomer Italy and Marchesini Group have collaborated include packaging the Absolute Cristal System branded Biopoint (a leader in hair care, with a 20% market share), a creamgel hair colour kit for home use, sold in perfumeries and available in 22 colours. The product consists of several components in a single pack. Several problems had to be overcome in order to make suitable packaging. Firstly, those relative to the product itself and its individual components. Secondly, the questions linked to specific customer requirements: increasing production capacity, keeping the cost of the product competitive with satisfactory profitability, maintaining high quality, making the work of employees easy with purpose-designed ergonomic solutions. “It was a complex project – explains Malpensa - and Marchesini took a great deal of care with it, suggesting dedicated solutions that would suit our needs. It was a team effort between sales staff, engineers and technicians. Even after the purchase, Marchesini technicians were constantly on hand, carrying out targeted work wherever necessary”. A customised line Marchesini Group designed and built a complex line to package the Biopoint branded Absolute Cristal System, with a production rate of 70 items/minutes, requiring only three operators. Starting with the bottles, the cylindrical plastic bottle with screw cap and dispenser nozzle is fed to the machine by a Packservice PS170 unscrambler with a PS230 prefeeder then is filled and capped by a Marchesini ML646 filling and capping machine. The finished bottle is weighed using a check weigher and fed onto a turntable which acts as a storage unit to compensate for the brief stoppages of the downstream cartoner. The empty aluminium tubes are fed manually, followed by mechanical orientation and filling by the Tonazzi Colibrì 1001 tube filler. Tubes are labelled and the closing cut made by a Neri dispenser, then the finished tube is weighed with a check weigher and any tubes with non-conforming weight are automatically rejected. The other components – the folded leaflet, the gloves and a sachet of shampoo or conditioner – are fed manually through two ergonomic bucket feeders which make loading easy and guarantee a build up of enough items to maintain a certain degree of autonomy. This solutions was specially designed so that it does not require the constant presence of a worker for loading and to facilitate the operator’s work so that he can load the two components at an easily accessible height. Packaging is performed by a Marchesini MA155 intermittent-motion cartoner equipped, to satisfy customer requirements, with four automatic feed units (bottle, tube, leaflet and sachet), plus a station for any manual loading of gadgets to be inserted in the pack. All of the components are packed in a carton with tuck closure flaps.

Customised solutions for all packaging requirements.