The figures for this Spanish company are really impressive: PUIG is a multinational which concentrates its business in the sectors of products for perfumers’ shops, cosmetics and fashion.

Its products are currently distributed and sold in more than 150 countries through a network of 40 branches, with more than 5,000 employees and net sales of around 900 million euros.

The four generations which have been at the helm of the company – since its establishment in 1914 thanks to the insight and ability of Antonio Puig Castellò – have always made sure that it was an international operator, at the same time, despite major projects in progress and the big names involved (from Carolina Herrera to Nina Ricci and even having actor Antonio Banderas for the testimonial), maintaining a strong identity associated with sobriety and great family tradition. These values have shaped 9 factories (seven in Europe and two in Mexico) – totalling more than 211,000 square metres for production – with an output of more than 331 million items per year.

Achieving top quality is one of PUIG’s main objectives and this is a fundamental part of the entire production process, involving continuous quality control and working closely with suppliers. Not forgetting that the company carries out important research, particularly as regards the environmental factor, from the selection of raw materials to distribution. PUIG and Marchesini Group The relationship between Marchesini Group and PUIG is solid and significant, based on the strong relationship which STE, the Group’s Spanish branch, has built up over time and thanks to continuous meetings and deep involvement in shared projects.

In recent years these complex projects led the Spanish multinational to purchase four MA150 cartoners and five MF910 Mini overwrappers. Thanks to continuous and fundamental adaptation of the machine to the particular size of PUIG products and technical reliability, combined with the assistance and after-sales service guaranteed by STE, an uninterrupted relationship has been maintained which gave the customer great confidence in the flexibility of Marchesini machines. This constant co-operation was important because of the frequent need for size changes, each time adapting all machines present in PUIG’s Barcelona factory.

With the technicians working together, it has been possible to always keep all of the machines up-to-date for the size requirements which emerged each time. Antonio Martinez, Process Engineering Manager, underlines how he was struck by the scale of Marchesini Group. “Working alongside STE personnel, represented by David Mateo – he says – I always had the impression that Marchesini really wanted to solve any open questions without avoiding discussion and by giving coherent answers. I myself and production managers Angel Gutierrez and Jaume Bosch feel satisfied both with the willingness to listen and analysis of specific requirements demonstrated by our STE contacts, and with the high quality and cutting edge technology guaranteed by Marchesini machines. The fact that the people working on these projects kind of feel that they are their own shouldn’t be overlooked”. The ability to maintain the values and solidity of a family business brings PUIG and Marchesini Group together. Values which the personnel have adopted over time and which are demonstrated by great loyalty: as you move between departments it isn’t difficult to find people who have worked at PUIG in Barcelona for more than 30 years. Just like in Pianoro.

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