Great attention not just to the quality of the pharmaceutical products, but also to their packaging, thanks to the use of innovative, reliable machines able to guarantee packaging solutions to suit all needs.

This is an important requirement for Pharmaster, a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer based in Erstein, 20 km south of Strasbourg, which has had links for several years with Marchesini Group, a leader in the sector for automated machinery for packaging pharmaceutical products.

The French company, specialising in the production of sprays, drops and gels, sterile and preservative-free, for nose, ear and eye health, hygiene and well-being, in January 2005 inaugurated a new factory, an important investment which last year alone gave a 20% increase in production. The company has grown constantly since it was established in 1989, according to president Nicole Martin Spittler, the majority shareholder at Pharmaster. “Having inaugurated the new factory a year ago, we significantly increased production of medicines – said the Pharmaster president – and we forecast that sales will double in 2007-2008. The number of people working for the company will go up too, from 85 employees in 2005 to a figure I am sure will top 110 this year”.

Preservative-free nasal sprays and eye drops similar to natural tears, therefore small bottles, are the products inside the new 4700 square metre factory which has two floors measuring 1600 square metres and a 1500 square metre warehouse. The old 700 square metre factory handles products packaged in large bottles.

The contract manufacturer has prestigious customers, such as Magneil which guides Johnson & Johnson, Merck Germany, Pierre Fabre, Novartis, Alcon, not to mention many other projects in progress with other pharmaceutical companies. “We are also – added Mrs. Spittler – going ahead with interesting partnerships with various cap suppliers such as Pffeifer, Valois, Rexam, Aeropump, Saint Gobain-Calmar to develop innovative, state-of-the-art caps (nebulisers and dosers), suitable for different types of pharmaceutical products, which are then tested on our machines to see whether or not they can be put on the market”.

Pharmaster and Marchesini Group: a winning combination

The working relationship between Pharmaster and Marchesini Group is based on the interest shown by both in technological development and innovation in the pharmaceutical packaging sector. “The first contact between our company and Marchesini – explained Benoit Kautzmann, head of technological developments – was in 2001 when we purchased a Neri labelling machine, reliable and effective which meant that we were satisfied right away. It was this that in subsequent years – 2003 and 2005 – led us to purchase another two Neri labellers for sprays and eye drops.

Then last year we bought a BA300 cartoner for packaging eye drops”. One of the most interesting projects, which saw the two companies work together very effectively last year, involved nasal and ear spray packaging. The project saw the creation of the liquid line for packaging small bottles which uses an ML661 filling and capping machine, a BA300 cartoner and an MC820 case packer.

The line was developed partly thanks to the work of Eric Tsoukatos, a Marchesini France technician, Walter Paolini, of the Marchesini Liquids department, and Pharmaster technician Francoise Boos. “We tried 15 different types of caps and in particular 6 different sizes on the Marchesini ML661 machine – explained Benoit Kautzmann. We are very interested in developing new caps, so it is important for us to be able to use machines that are both reliable and flexible, like those produced by Marchesini”. Therefore, the essential requirements are flexible machines and innovative solutions, some of which were set up directly by Mr. Kautzmann and Massimo Marchesini. Amongst these, a check weigher which checks the product on the ML661, a purpose-designed solution in a sterile environment. “Why do we choose Marchesini machines? – continued Mr. Kautzmann. Because of the innovation they bring to the market, their use of cutting edge technology, their experience in the sterile sector. Not forgetting that Marchesini professionals have a strong sense of partnership and pay great attention to customer requirements.

Last but certainly not least, Marchesini Group machines are reliable and good quality”


Marchesini Group liquids line in the new factory Pharmaster’s new 4700 square metre factory at Erstein houses the Marchesini Group liquids line for packaging nasal and ear sprays operating in a sterile environment.

It was an important project on which Pharmaster and Marchesini worked closely together.

The line consists of:

- an ML661 filling and capping machine

- a BA300 cartoner

- an MC820 case packer

In particular, 15 different types of caps and 6 different bottle sizes were tried on the ML661.

Thanks to the flexibility of its machines and innovative solutions, Marchesini Group was able to effectively meet Pharmaster’s requirements.

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