Napp Pharmaceuticals

The effective working relationship between Napp Pharmaceuticals and Marchesini Group has grown and strengthened over time.

The first Marchesini machine was delivered in 1996, the latest at the beginning of July, whilst another is due for delivery at the beginning of next year.

Napp Pharmaceuticals are based at Cambridgeand have five blister lines with Robocombi made to exacting standards by the Pianoro Group. The five lines are deliberately identical and generally speaking have standard features since the main requirement was for personnel and tooling to be able to work on all five lines giving maximum flexibility.

The reliable MB421, with its simple size change-over and loading, able to produce more than 220 blister tiles per minute, is a machine for packaging tablets in blister tiles, with a cantilever structure in accordance with GMP standards to facilitate cleaning. In particular, it has an automatic size change-over. This machine is based on a control logic which uses many safety devices and new guards which allow maximum transparency for inspection and cleaning. Finally, the reel compartment for the plastic material is on the back of the machine at a convenient height for loading by the operator, whilst sealing is horizontal and continuous so that the sealing carriage follows film movement.

Special features of these lines include positive blister tile outfeed, differentiated rejection and a positive connection to the Robocombi. This is connected to the MA255 with its characteristic cantilever structure. The line ends with a Neri BL400 VTE labeller, which is a cantilever style continuous automatic labelling machine with on-board printer, designed to make all operations extremely easy and accessible from the operator side, and an MF910 Mini with easily accessible brushless motors. “It’s no coincidence that the two companies get on so well” - explained Phil Lightowler, Director of Production at Napp.

During months of working together many similarities have emerged and the relationship between the companies has been consolidated both at a commercial level and in terms of the technical staff of both structures”. Company Philosophy and Organisational Structure Great attention to the individual with the aim of improving their quality of life despite illness with chronic pain (including that caused by cancer).

This approach has made Napp a world leader in palliative care for pain control. All of this has been possible above all thanks to the important investment, in terms of energy, in building relationships at all levels. For example, a strong support network for the different medical professions was set up by organising the training of more than 2000 carers all over the UK. The English company, established at the start of the 1920s now has more than 800 employees at all levels and with different duties at the head office in Cambridge


The Products Today Napp Pharmaceuticals produces 18 types of painkillers in 52 different formulations. Together with its independent associated companies it distributes products world-wide to 44 countries. It is now one of the top twenty UK pharmaceutical companies. Specifically, the painkillers produced include OxyContin whilst its cardiovascular products include Adizem XL.


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