Shampoo Line

The line is composed of:

• Vial mechanical Feeder&Orienter (vials into pucks)

• Filling Machine ML 661

• Neri Labeller RA800/2T

• Top loading casepacker MCV 850

The product handled is a plastic bottle with two different sizes, 40ml and 75ml, closed via a screw top with flip opening.

Filling Machine ML 661

The filling group has been developed specifically to handle highly viscous materials; the product feeding hopper is thermo-regulating to maintain the right temperature of the liquid, in case of machine stoppage. The dosing circuit is comprised of a series of “Ketron Peek” valves in steel containers, coupled with INOX syringes. “Ketron Peek” is a plastic material approved by FDA that guarantees excellent performances with highly viscous materials. The bottles are transported in a range of pucks. Each dosing nozzle is equipped with valve/shutter, with an air blowing system, which stops the flow when necessary to avoid the spillage of liquids on the bottles, during the filling cycle. A WAP (Washing In Place) + CIP (Clean In Place) system is present.

Bottle capping

The screw capping station of the capping machine ML661 is designed to provide a “pre-capping” operation, until within 1mm of the end of the capping stroke. The final screw-capping motion is performed by a specific capping-group, along the link belt at the end of the machine. The capping-group has 3 screwing heads, each one has a brushless motor that guarantees a precise closure to apply the screwing torque safely and gently. Moreover, the use of brushless motors allow the possibility to check any anomaly with respect to the screwing torque.

The main reasons for the use of 2 capping stations are:

• The necessity to obtain a correct cap placement and a gentle reaching of the end stroke – being a cosmetic product, it’s necessary for the cap opening to be always correctly aligned with the lateral side of the bottle ;

• The necessity to dose the right torque value. This always guarantees to reach the end stroke with gentleness, avoiding any damage. Labelling machine RA800 After the filling machine there is the Neri Labeller RA800 with the PharmaSpec, the system for product inspection by means of camera.

The system can incorporate up to 3 cameras: the first one to check the arrival position and, if necessary, to orientate the bottle before the application of the label (the bottles may arrive with the cap rotated by 180°); further on, the second and the third cameras to check the conformity of the labeled bottle. One of the main characteristic is a de-ionization system to remove static electricity from the labels reel, which can be generated during unwinding.

Top Loading Casepacker MCV 850

Following after the labeling, is the insertion of the bottles directly into shipper cases, a process which is carried out by a Top Loading Casepacker model MCV850. When the bottles arrive in a single line from the upstream Labeller, a Robocombi system will place them onto a transfer plate. After the loading of the plate is complete, it will transfer automatically towards the picking head, which will pick up the whole layer of bottles for direct placement into the cases. During the product transfer, a second (empty) plate moves forward to a position in line with the Robocombi, thus optimizing the production output and ensuring the speed of 120 bottles/min can be met. Then, the empty pucks are re-circulated towards the head of the machine. The equipment is completed by a divider feeding unit. Three divider sheets are placed inside the carton, in between the bottles, to provide protection from bottle-on-bottle impact-damage. In summary: line operation at 120 mechanical strokes per minute (effective dosing speed always depending on the product), in two formats: 40 ml and 75 ml bottle.

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