Robotized tube line

A complete line for squeezable tube filling and packaging has been recently delivered to a cosmetic industry.

Product to be handled:

• small plastic tubes, with dosage from 2 to 5 ml

• products to be filled are creams and makeup foundation, in some cases very liquid, in other cases high viscosity liquid.

• Standard cap and conical lid tubes 

Line composition: 
2 tube elevators  
2 tube feeders Robovision
Filler/capper Mill200
Continous motion Cartoner MA255

Innovation and technical characteristics: Robovision

The empty tubes are fed in bulk on 2 special elevators; from here they are picked up by 2 independent Robovisions, each fitted with one camera, but managed by one operator display only. The Robovisions are picking up only good tubes, avoiding the damaged ones, are performing the tube orienting and are putting them on a conveyor belt provided with shaped cassettes, thus allowing a positive transport to the tube filling machine.

Feeding output is 170/180 pcs per minute, according to the tube to be handled. The changeover is particularly fast and easy.

Tube filler Tonazzi MILL 200

The innovation regards the tubes feeding: they arrive to the Mill200 laid down on a conveyor with shaped cassettes (where the tubes are deposited by the Robovision), and from here are automatically picked up to the shaped tube transport holders. The holders are easily removable with an automatic release, thus allowing a very easy and fast changeover.

Other functionalities are: - tube centering system; - tube cleaning - product feeding different options: from hopper or directly from pressurized customer tank - hot air sealing - trimming waste - ejection

Cartoner tube feeding: Robocombi

After filling/closing, the tubes are transferred to the cartoner on a toothed belt conveyor, thus allowing a positive transport.

A special Robocombi is performing three functions:

1) standard feeding to the bucket chain

2) sampling pick up

3) bulk collation ( into 2 cases)

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