Ampoule line

The line is made up of the following:

‐ A Farcon FB320 thermoformer with Robomaster robotic feeder

‐ An MA255 cartoning machine with Robocombi robotic feeder

The unit that feeds the ampoules to the thermoformer machine is a Robomaster.

The ampoules are loaded standing upright on a vibrating infeed conveyor whose surface is treated with a special process to make its sliding performance extremely fluid.

This means that the ampoule “slides forward” much smoother, avoiding friction and excessive forces that could damage or cause the ampoule to fall as it moves towards the pick‐up drum, and more importantly it avoids product jamming.

The products are subsequently fed along the conveyor up to a device that arranges them in rows. At this stage, the row of ampoules fits into the sockets of a drum, which, as it turns, lays the ampoules down flat from their upright position. From here, all the Robot has to do is pick the ampoules up and place them inside the trays.

The ampoule transfer cylinder is split‐up into four parts, with two independent drives. The robot does indeed pick the ampoules up from one part at a time, leaving the other part enough time to complete its cycle .

The Robomaster is designed to carry out up to 80 pick‐up cycles per minute and is able to not only place the ampoules in the trays when they are stopped but also while they are moving.

Advantages of the vibrating feeding belt:

1) It is situated on the side where the operator works > very handy position for loading from bucket.

2) The type of movement of the belt and its smooth surface guarantee that the products (being delicate) are handled very gently.