Magistra C&C

Focus on quality, efficiency and innovation throughout all the business processes is the best way to win the market and to remain successful.

Proof of this is Magistra C&C, one of the major pharmaceutical companies in Rumania. Established in 1993 as a family run business, Magistra C&C stands today as one of the most important local producers of generic pharmaceuticals in Rumania: a business that in 17 years of activity has developed extensively thanks to ongoing research, to quality orientated production and to a proficient distribution activity.

Production excellence Today, Magistra C&C is a successful business that avails of the most up-to-date and complete production facilities in Rumania. In 2008 the new headquarters were inaugurated, that incorporate all the activities of the company, which are fulfilled over an area of 3200 square meters and that comprise offices and two product quality control laboratories. With this investment of over 7 million euro, the production capacity has increased significantly: 700 million tablets and capsules and 50 million suppositories and ovules per year.

With 42 registered products in Rumania and 120 employees, Magistra C&C is presently the top producer of suppositories, the only producer of contraceptive ovules and one of the main Rumanian producers of tablets. Over the years, the company has also developed an important contract manufacturing activity and sells its own products on the National market but also on other markets too – in particular in Moldavia, in Russia, in Belarus and in Georgia.

The company’s target is that of penetrating the Western European markets too in the very near future. Marchesini blister line: reliability of the product and of the after-sales service Focusing on innovation and quality, Magistra C&C has managed over the years to make a name for itself as a successful pharmaceutical company not just on the local market. With this in mind came the choice to invest in the technology of Marchesini and to purchase reliable and innovative packaging systems.

“After a couple of meetings – Mr. Radu Casacincu explained, General Manager of Magistra C&C – at MG’s headquarters and during scientific fairs and exhibitions, accompanied by Mr. Roberto Pierini who we hold in very high esteem, we decided to purchase a new blister line for our production facilities. The choice landed on an investment that was able to guarantee the quality of the product and a proficient collaboration relationship”. “The intention of our company – Mr. Casacincu continued – was that of purchasing a reliable and cutting edge line, but also that of relying on a valid assistance service. So, bearing in mind previous experience with Marchesini Group that in the past has always managed to satisfy all our requests rapidly and professionally, the choice to purchase the new line from MG came quite naturally”. Marchesini’s line, made up of a blistering machine MB421 and of a cartoning machine BA100, was installed at the end of 2007, working at a speed of 200 blisters per minute and is able to package 45 types of tablets of various shapes, for the company’s own production and for contract manufacturing. “The new blister line – Mr. Radu Casacincu added - has doubled our production capacity and we have had absolutely no problems with the line, which works for at least 8 hours a day, from when it was installed to date. We are definitely satisfied with the line, consequently further projects related to new packaging systems will be entrusted to Marchesini Group”.


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