Health is a right and to contribute in improving it is a duty”. This is the mission of Geymonat, an Italian company that specialises in the production of different types of pharmaceuticals.

Case History: experience leads to production excellence

Geymonat was established in 1928 in Torre Pollice in the back room of a chemist, where it commenced with the production of traditional medicinal compounds prepared by the chemist. As years passed by, the company focused on the production of special medicinals, which lead to the construction of the first factory in Torre Pellice, where new requirements to adapt to progress in the pharmaceutical industry are met, in terms of research, development and fabrication of pharmaceuticals.

The production factory was established in the 80’s in Anagni, 50 kilometres south of Rome, to meet new and ever-demanding requirements and further forecasts, both nationally and internationally speaking, thanks to the strong will and commitment of the Salvia family, Giovanni Lucio and his son Giuseppe in particular. The factory comprises various departments dedicated to the production and control of special medicinals, a modern biotechnology research laboratory and a new pharmaceutical development department. The plant is rigged-out and authorized to produce various types of pharmaceuticals, such as solid oral medicines (powder medicines in tablets, sachets, capsules), the production of sterile products, ointments, suppositories, ovules and oral liquid medicines (drops and syrups). The productive capacities and the possibility to produce different types of pharmaceuticals mean that the company is able to meet the demands of the National, International and Services market, guaranteeing reliability and high quality standards.

Marchesini-Geymonat: 25 years of profitable collaboration

The joint collaboration relationship between Geymonat and Marchesini Group, which commenced about twenty-five years ago and which still holds strong today, has lead to the fulfilment of many projects that have given life to various packaging lines of Marchesini dedicated to a variety of pharmaceuticals. Among these is a syrup line, equipped with filler and cartoning machine, ampoule container lines, powder sachet packaging lines and a series of cartoning machines BA50.

One of the latest projects worth mentioning is that of last year, which entailed the supply of a complete blister packaging line by Marchesini. “The arrival of the new blister packaging line – Dr. Mauro Battisti explained, Production Manager of Geymonat – represents a milestone in the technological and structural renewal project currently in progress and a starting point for re-launching our company. This renewal project was requested boldly by the Salvia family and has been planned and supervised, for just over two years, by Dr. Marco Bonifacio”.

Marchesini’s blister packaging line – which avails of tablet feeders, featuring a dedicated lowering unit and a universal system – consists of the thermo-former MB421, the automatic and continuous cartoning machine MA155, the labelling and vignette application machine by Neri SL300V and the semi-automatic cartoning machine Packservice PS300.

The line is rigged-out for different sizes, to be able to process tablets of various shapes, sizes and typologies (flat, rounded, semi-rounded, coated and uncoated etc.). Among these is one of the top products of Geymonat: “Venosmine”. “From a technical point of view – Dr. Battisti explained – the line is complete and sophisticated in every single detail. The various control stations (camera, ponderal sorter, etc.) guarantee that the product processed by them fully meets the requested quality requisites. From a point of view of GMP, the line is designed so that operators are facilitated in operating it (management via computer and touch screen on the machines) and are able to clean every single part of it because there are no awkward corners or inaccessible recesses. Size changing is also very quick and easy”.

The new blister packaging line has also lead to remarkable benefits from a productive point of view. “The former packaging cycle – the Production Manager pointed out – involved a process with consecutive but separate phases: after blistering and manual collection of the semi-processed products, the process continued with the cartoning phase. The purchase of the new blister packaging line has consequently shortened production times and therefore drastically cut labour costs related to packaging, size changing and cleaning. The quality of the finished product, which is entrusted to cutting edge controllers, results to be of excellent level”.

Hence, an important project that derives from a relationship of trust that has grown over the years. “We chose Marchesini Group – Dr. Battisti continued – in view of the level of quality of its machines and in view of the esteemed name of Marchesini Group universally. Generally speaking, we can confirm that we are satisfied with the new blister line purchased. Ever since our initial contacts with the Group, we appreciated the willingness and proficiency of its personnel with whom we worked. All the other aspects, starting from our trips to the factory in Pianoro, to then continue with the installation of the new line in the factory of Geymonat in Anagni, met our expectations 100%”. “For this reason – Dr. Battisti concluded – Marchesini remains our reference point for the future too”. 

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