ABC Farmaceutici

A productive partner for multinational pharmaceutical enterprises that guarantees expertise, reliability and experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Italian company Abc Farmaceutici was founded in 1925.

It skilfully and successfully produces and commercialises medicinal products for the Italian and International markets. The enterprise has chosen Marchesini Group as its supplier of lines for packaging various types of pharmaceutical products.

The purchase of a complete “drop line” that meets specific production and logistic requirements, consigned last year, proves the proficiency of the business relations between Abc Farmaceutici and Marchesini Group.

Abc Farmaceutici: experience and expertise in the pharmaceutical industry

Abc Farmaceutici S.p.A. was established 80 years ago in Turin, by Dr. Giovanni Giraudi, grandfather of the company’s present chairman, Alberto. The Group follows the whole drugs production chain, from research and development, production, promotion and sales and cooperates with major multinational pharmaceutical enterprises for the production of active ingredients and medicinal products.

The production facilities located in Northern Italy – such as the production factory in San Bernardo d’Ivrea, Turin, specialised in pharmaceutical services activities and that in Trecate, Novara, which produces active ingredients – represent a substantial industrial support for developing new molecules. The factory in S. Bernardo di Ivrea, inaugurated in 2002, is the most technologically cutting edge reality in the field of pharmaceutics: with a roofed area of approximately 35 thousand square meters, the pharmaceutical factory specialises in the production of oral solids and liquids, with a production capacity of over 20 million packages a year. “In the Pharmaceutical Production area” – the chairman Alberto Giraudi explained – “we produce oral pharmaceutical products, in liquid and solid form, to be sold in Italy and also abroad”. The chairman of Abc Farmaceutici continued – “we specialise in particular in the production of liquid medicinals, such as syrups, packaged in single-dose vials, with or without assembled cap, and in multi-dose vials, with or without drop counter.

In the forefront are also solid oral medicinals (powders, granules, tablets, etc.) packaged in simple or polylaminate blisters”. A winning alliance: Marchesini’s drop line Abc Farmaceutici has been working with Marchesini Group for some years now and has installed various types of drug packaging lines (drop lines, blister lines, etc.) in the factories of the Italian pharmaceutical Group. “Our alliance with Marchesini Group commenced some years ago” – Dr. Giraudi explained – “and has become increasingly stronger over the years also thanks to the excellent relations that our personnel have with the technicians of Marchesini, who have taken care of our machines, guaranteeing prompt service and maintenance interventions, suitable for our specific requirements”. The latest drop line purchased last year derives from a project in which the drug company worked close-up with Marchesini Group. “In this case again, we chose Marchesini Group” – Dr. Giraudi continued – “following thorough and meticulous research to find the most suitable supplier for our specific production and packaging needs. Our aim was to find a trustworthy supplier, with expertise in this industry, able to guarantee a reliable and technologically advanced plant, hence our choice was indeed Marchesini Group”. Problems related to machine ergonomics were taken into consideration when defining the project and Marchesini’s machines are indeed easily accessible and efficiently manageable by personnel. The linear filler rather than the rotary filler does indeed enable the installation of a laminar flow system over the filling zone: this feature guarantees better machine cleaning and an ergonomic structure, which significantly improve operator working conditions. Another important bonus is the machine’s compactness, which is quite remarkable, considering that the ML662 machine carries out an impressive three processes: filling, application of a drop counter and application of a screw-on cap. Compared to other machines on the market, ML662 is considerably compact and consequently much easier to integrate in the customers’ workplaces. The medium-high speed of the plant, which produces up to 200 pieces a minute with the two sealing applications, was another important factor in defining the project. “In view of the continuous growth in production” – the chairman explained – “the company has opted for a line with a high production rate: this is a strategic point for a business such as ours on the services market, to be able to offer customers who commission us with their product packaging requirements, rapid order turnaround times, contextually aiming at reducing in-house costs and ever greater product quality”. The drop line of Marchesini, a plant of impressive performance, comprises the following machines: a de-palletizer model MDP810, a de-packer Multipack D7, a blowing table Neri model D7, a filler-capper ML662, a labeller Neri SL400, a continuous cartoner MA305, a carton labeller Neri SL400V and a case packer PS510. The heart of the line is the filler-capper ML662, a machine that fills (in line and with continuous motion) and seals vials, equipped with two sealing towers. Made with balcony structure, the machine’s vial feeding zone is totally separated from the mechanical drive and transmission components. The movements of the ML662 machine are robotic thanks to the use of brushless motors, controlled from a PC, plus size changing is very quick. The plant currently packages liquid pharmaceutical products (glycol solvent, aqueous solvent) in vials with drop counter and “child-proof” caps, which contain 2 to 20 ml of product.

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