Among the Indian companies that work with Marchesini Group is Panacea Biotec, a worldwide renowned producer of vaccines. For Panacea Biotec, Marchesini Group has created a reliable and fast packaging line for pre-filled syringes. This line is the outcome of proficient efforts between the two companies and proves Marchesini’s leadership on the syringe packaging market.

Panacea Biotec for health

"Innovation in Support of life". This is the mission of the Indian company, Panacea Biotec, founded in 1994 and specialising in the research and production of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and natural products.
The company headquartered in New Delhi has expanded over the years, developing in to suppliers of world class vaccines like Fully liquid Pentavalent vaccine to Unicef and globally; Next Gen Inactivated Polio vaccine (eIPV) and full range of Oral Polio vaccines (tOPV, mOPV1, mOPV 3 & bOPV ) as also against hepatitis B – working with major international companies in the Pharma industry.
The company’s turnover too has grown majorly thanks to the fact that it supplies vaccines to UNICEF and also to the constant rise in vaccines produced for the national private market through its joint-venture with Chiron Panacea Vaccines.
In particular, in collaboration with UNICEF, Panacea Biotec has supplied oral vaccines against polio in numerous countries such as Abidjan, Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey and Uganda.

Panacea Biotec and Marchesini: a line for pre-filled syringes

Marchesini and Panacea Biotec started doing business together in April 2009, with the supply of a complete packaging line for pre-filled vaccine syringes.
C.N.Mishra, COO Vaccine of Panacea Biotec commented: “Marchesini’s syringe line has enabled us to increase production and to reduce labour workers employed for the product packaging process. This syringe line means that we can guarantee the overall quality of the packaging process”. This line was tested and started-up in our new production facilities built in 2007 in the Indian city of Baddi - Himachal Pradesh. Rajat Jain, Deputy General Manager of Panacea Biotec commented: “The line has met our expectations and is the outcome of proficient joint efforts throughout all phases of the project between Panacea Biotec and Marchesini Group. We turned to Marchesini because it is a leading Group in the pharmaceutical packaging industry and specifically speaking, on the market of disposable syringes: experience and reliability, even more so when speaking of such a delicate field as that of syringes, are the fundamental features that we looked for and found in Marchesini Group”.
The line consists of the following machines: a denester produced by Corima, a member company of Marchesini Group, a Combi machine for assembling the plungers, labelling and inserting the back-stops in the syringes that works at a production rate of twelve thousand 1-ml syringes per hour, as well as a tray thermoformer model FB220 produced by Farcon, another company of the Group, with automatic feeders of disposable syringes and needles that works at a speed of fourteen thousand trays per hour.
At the front of the line, the denester picks up and automatically controls the previously filled and closed disposable syringes: the product pick-up and handling movements are precise and secure, as the unit is indeed designed to avoid aesthetic damages to the syringes. The pre-filled vaccine syringes are subsequently assembled with plunger and back-stop and labelled by the Combi monobloc, a reliable and versatile machine. The syringes then reach the FB220 machine, which produces deep trays suitable for packaging products such as syringes and that can be customised and integrated in automatic production plants. The automatic positive motion product feeders handle the syringe delicately. Not to forget is the high degree of awareness focused on size changing without the use of tools, thanks to the implementation of quick-release couplings and locking handles. All these features make the machine reliable, fast and user-friendly, ensuring ease-of-management for operators.

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