Nova Argentia

The target of Nova Argentia is that of offering increasingly integral and qualified products and services. The company has been successfully and efficiently producing and commercialising pharmaceuticals for the Italian and international market for years.

The Italian pharmaceutical company has indeed chosen Marchesini Group as supplier of the various types of pharmaceutical packaging lines. The successful business partnership between Nova Argentia and Marchesini Group did indeed commence a few years ago with the acquisition of a full blister line – reliable, versatile, compact and consequently capable of meeting the customer’s specific production and logistic needs.

Nova Argentia: innovative and reliable pharmaceuticals

Nova Argentia is an Italian pharmaceutical company headquartered in Milan, which for more than 60 years has been developing, producing and distributing pharmaceutical products, always bearing in mind the tradition of technological innovation. In 1947, Erminio Ronchi’s insight laid the foundations for an industrial enterprise, rooted across the country, which is currently boosted by the skills of his son Stefano and by the innovative efforts of his grandson Davide. Employers’ management and family atmosphere, which make the actual people the most significant fortune of the company, are guarantee of high quality and continuous commitments towards ever-enthralling targets. The trends of growth over the last few years prove how attentive management, shared objectives and diversified production are the strongholds of the company. As confirmed by the CEO, Stefano Ronchi, the offer of Nova Argentia in 2009 evolved in various directions.

Mr. Ronchi explained that “Nova Argentia this year aims at confirming itself as the reference brand in Italy for the galenic market, an international partner for licensing in&out and a ‘contract manufacturer’ for different types of pharmaceuticals, such as tablets, tubes and suppositories”. Marchesini’s blister line: compact and versatile Strategic decisions made over the last few years resulting in the reorganization of the company and growing investments in innovation, prove the will of Nova Argentia to confirm its mission on the market: that of offering an increasingly complete and qualified service. To boldly affirm these quality objectives in the implementation of the packaging process of blister-packed solid products, in 2007 Nova Argentia chose to enter into partnership with Marchesini Group. “The constant will to expand, commitments towards excellence and innovation, the stronghold of being “made in Italy”, the intimate management of business activities and of the group and the high quality of the product offered –Stefano Ronchi explained – are just some of the aspects that created the bond between Marchesini and Nova Argentia and that established the union that could not but be “successful”.

The line supplied to Nova Argentia – which processes 180 blisters per minute and packages tablets, coated tablets and capsules, performing and checking all the process control functions in-line – comprises the blister machine MB421 with built-in HAPA system, a cartoning machine MA155, a weighing unit for checking the weight of the product and a Multipack stretch wrapper FA04. The heart of the line is the blister machine MB421 with balcony structure, pursuant to Gmp standards, to facilitate self-cleaning: sizes are changed automatically by the PC and there are a large number of safety devices and protection guards that ensure total transparency for inspections and cleaning.

“If it’s true that one never forgets one’s first love – Mr. Ronchi commented – then Marchesini’s MB421 will always have a special place among the other machines owned by Nova Argentia. This compact blister line, which is perfect for our workplaces and our needs, allows us to offer an integral service with satisfactory reduction in running, analysis and production times”. “Its versatility – Mr. Ronchi concluded – together with quick size changing and in-line printing of the aluminium foil – choice appreciated also by Studiopack, which manages the Italian market for Marchesini – guarantee Nova Argentia high levels of competitiveness in ‘contract manufacturing’ for both the Italian market and the foreign market”.

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