A reliable line that guarantees suitable packaging solutions and that satisfies specific production requirements.

Marchesini Group designed and manufactured the filling and capping line for infusion solutions specifically for Medicproduct, a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer situated in Lipany, Slovakia.

Thanks to this line, the Slovakian company, which was established in 1995, confirms its mission of production quality, by using innovative systems for packaging its own freeze-dried and liquid solutions for injections and infusions: specific products for stability tests and for pre-clinical and clinical analyses, which must be processed suitably by machines manufactured pursuant to the highest of quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

Quality and reliability of the lines: for a double production volume

The partnership between Medicproduct and Marchesini Group has been going strong for several years. At the forefront is the filling and capping line for vials of infusion solutions supplied to the Slovakian company and installed in its new production premises.

The line has doubled the company’s production volume in terms of infusion solutions. It consists of the following systems: the rotary washing machine by Neri LAC2, the vial filling and capping machine ML646, the filled and capped vial inspection machine SPF1 produced by Neri and the labelling machine SL200, again by Neri. The line was then completed with a cartoner MA100, for packaging individual vials in cartons with information leaflet and with a casepacker PS300 produced by PackService for the final packaging of the cartons in cases ready for shipment.

The heart of the line is the filling-capping machine ML646, being a remarkably compact and versatile machine; its work areas are totally accessible, making it very easy to clean, and all the mechanical components are completely separate from the work surfaces. “The line – the owners of Medicproduct Slovakia Mr. Pavel Ragac, Mr. Erich Mikoviny and Mr. Michal Moravsky, explained – is used to wash, fill and cap 50, 100 and 250 ml glass vials for infusion solutions. The sterilisation process is performed in retorts. Furthermore, the line foresees the visual inspection of the individual vials and their labelling with self-adhesive labels and finally their end packaging in cartons”. “We chose Marchesini Group as the equipment supplier for our new production lines – the owners of the Slovakian company continued – for a number of reasons. First and foremost, in view of the positive references that the Italian company boasts, but above all in view of the quality and reliability of the complete lines that Marchesini Group produces pursuant to the highest of quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry. We were also fully aware of the skills of its experts in comprehending and satisfying our specific requirements in terms of the packaged product and in terms of the production volume of Medicproduct”.

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