Liquid - Product detail




Automatic alternate motion machine designed to fill and cap vials.

  • The working stations are able to handle two vials at a time. When small dosages are required, only two dosing pumps and needles are involved, while for higher dosages, 4 dosing pumps and needles will be used sharing the dosage in two parts
  • Main frame and working table covered by stainless steel panels
  • Vials infeed and outfeed flow is controlled by two motorized star wheels, both inclusive of mechanical clutch with dedicated safety sensor to stop the machine
  • Vials capping executed by one Robot, therefore there is no need of size changes
  • Easy and quick changeover with parameters managed by the PC
  • All materials in contact with the product are made of 316L stainless steel
  • Different solutions of vials feeding are possible
  • Different dosing systems are available


Liquid dosing range: From 0,5 ml to – 100 ml

Vials size range:

  • (A) Ø   from 16 mm to 52 mm 
  • (H) Vials height from 35mm  to  H. 135 mm 
  • (F) Ø Internal mouth minimum 5-7 mm 

Closing size range: (H)= Closing height from 10 to 50 mm. In case of out of range dimensions, please get in touch with our Technical Dept. for a dedicated evaluation.    

Infeed and outfeed height: 900 mm. +/- 50 mm