Liquid - Product detail



Continuous motion robotized machine designed to assemble disposable syringes with plungers and to label them with self-adhesive labels, pre-arranged to be connected in line to other machines, in No-Contact execution. The syringes never get in contact with each other.  

  • Universal plunger rod feeder composed of load hopper, elevator, stainless steel motorized rollers, recovery conveyor for non oriented plunger rods;
  • Controlled plungering station;
  • Label distributor, composed of:

    • tape unwinder from one single reel
    • printer of variable data on the label
    • space for installation of a second printer
    • camera to control presence and quality of printed data and label code
    • label dispenser, fully openable for inspection and cleaning
    • recovery of label web on one single reel;

  • Selection of rejected syringes by a servo driven motorized gate;
  • Rejects unload on a guide down to a recovery box;
  • Single line discharge of good syringes.


“No Contact” syringe loading system:

  • Manual loading of filled nest on the infeed conveyor;
  • Robotized denesting station;
  • Syringe transfer on the loading worm-screw: the system allows to avoid any contact between flanges of the syringes.

"No Contact” syringe unloading system:

  • Good syringes unloading by a motorized worm screw to avoid any contact between the syringes;
  • Robotized discharge and transfer of syringes in horizontal position on the infeed conveyor of the thermoforming machine.