Liquid - Product detail



High speed rotary sealing machine, suitable to apply and seal aluminium caps by means of a rail.

  • Equipped with a 10-heads turret for the application of aluminium seals and flip-off on antibiotic-like vials;
  • Made of 304 stainless steel, is built according to cGMP requirements, and it is pre-arranged for the installation of a Laminar Flow hood;
  • Driven by brushless motors, controlled by PC;
  • The vials infeed and outfeed can be customized according to different layout configurations;
  • Perfect synchronization between machine and capping chucks speeds, allowing excellent cap sealing quality and avoiding the creation of any particles;
  • Blade sealing parameters set and controlled by PC; 
  • Both the pressure applied on the top of the alu seal and on the sealing blade can be set-up and constantly controlled by PC, therefore allowing the highest possible sealing quality; 
  • Out of range vials automatic reject.

MECHANICAL SPEED: up to 400 vials/minute


  • (A) = Ø of round Vial-Bottle: from 14 to 52mm (0,551" - 2.05")
  • (G) = Total height, without closure: from 30 to 130mm. (1,18 – 5,1") Antibiotic type seals (UT) and flip-off 
  • (L) =  External Ø of closure: from 14 to 35mm. (0,55" – 1,378")