Liquid - Product detail



New automatic tub opening unit with automatic loading system of the sealed tub. The unit consists of a station that heats the edge of the tub and of a robotic station that opens it.

    * It also has an automatic unloading system of the Tyvek covering and protective film over the syringes.
      The open tub is transferred to the filler automatically, and feasibly turned, if necessary. The LAF module is built into the machine’s structure.
      • Manual loading of bagged tub;
      • Automatic cutting unit of the bag;
      • Pincer to keep the bag sealed after the cut;
      • Transfer of the bag, still sealed, in front of the entrance of the filling room;
      • Controlled sliding doors for opening the entrance of the filling room;
      • The bag is opened at the same time of the sliding door to push the tub into the filling room;
      • Manual unload of the empty bag;
      • LAF module integrated on machine’ frame.

       Available options:

      •Infeed conveyor to load bagged tubs;
      •Automatic unload of the empty bag.