Liquid - Product detail



The Nextra B30 is a machine for buffering syringes with F.I.F.O. process, pre-arranged to be connected in line with other machines.


Main features:

  •     Perfect operational repeatability;
  •     Easy to use;
  •     Minimal installation space;
  •     Designed to manage each piece with positive logic;
  •     Totally customisable, with wide choice of optional units (e.g. Vision system, loading/unloading systems etc);
  •     High flexibility and capacity to process all types of sizes.


Standard constructional specifications:

  •     Automatic syringe loading on tilted guide;
  •     Group sorter;
  •     Step-by-step empty tub transfer to filling station;
  •     Station that fills the nests with syringes;
  •     Empty nest presence control;
  •     Full nest presence control;
  •     Syringe unloading on tilted guide.

Technical data:

Max. production rate:  --> 24.000 pieces/hour