Liquid - Product detail



Continuous motion machine for internal and external washing and drying of ampoules, vials and cartridges.

Main features:

  • High production capacity at slow conveyance speeds;
  • Perfect operational repeatability;
  • Easy to use;
  • Minimal installation space;
  • Wide choice of optional units;
  • High flexibility and capacity to process all types of sizes;
  • Maximum compliance with cGMP standards;
  • Simple and quick size change;
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning;
  • Mechanical drives inside the machine protected against fluid infiltrations;
  • Maximum safety requisites;
  • Safe, reliable and repeatable product transfer;
  • Brushless drives for the various machine functions to ensure greater operational management;
  • Possibility to easily connect the machine in line with other machines;
  • Operator interface with industrial PC and touch-screen monitor.


Standard constructional specifications:

  • Automatic loading on belt in stainless steel;
  • Internal and external washing;
  • Internal and external blowing;
  • Customisable washing/blowing sequence;
  • Programmable washing times;
  • Completely parameterizable washing/blowing needle stroke;
  • Automatic unloading on tray;
  • Customisable fluid feeding unit;
  • Single treatment of each container.

MECHANICAL SPEED: 24.000 pieces/hour

Ampoule Diameter: From 8 to 22,5 mm
Vial Diameter: From 14 to 30 mm
Carpule Diameter: From 6 to 25 mm