Robotized tube line


Completely robotized line designed to handle small capacity PE tubes (2-5 ml) having standard or conical caps composed by:

1. Robovision for tube feeding;
2. Balcony-style Tube filling/closing machine Mill200;
3. Robocombi;
4. Continuos motion cartoner MA255.

Characteristics of the robotized line:

1. Precision and flexibility of the 2 Robovision feeders;
2. Positive transport system;
3. Very easy and fast changeover;
4. The Robocombi can perform standard feeding to the bucket chain, sampling pick  up, bulk collation (into 2 cases);
5. Output up to 140 tubes/minute.

  • Precision and flexibility in feeding;
  • Positive transport system;
  • Very easy and fast changeover.