Filling and capping machine for mascara and lip gloss, designed according to the highest technological standards to guarantee the maximum productivity and quality. Dosing adjustment can be manually set, by acting on a micrometric screw connected to a digital indicator, or automatically, from display by means of a stepper motor.

  • Operation logic controlled by a PLC provided with a colour liquid crystal touchscreen display;
  • Automatic pick up, insertion (with brush guiding device) and screwing system for caps with electronic torque control and parameters set by display;
  • Dosing group with tri-clamp connections (hopper, filling valve housing, filling valve and nozzle) which can be transferred, still assembled, from the filling area to the washing and sterilization area by a suitable truck;
  • Conveying system of containers with symmetrical shape or irregular shape (in pucks with a return conveyor, if any,for the empty pucks back to the load/upload area).


  • 75 strokes/minute max


  • Dosing range: from 3 to 34 ml
  • Bottle size range:
  • Diameter from 10 to 30 mm  
  • Height (without cap) from 50 to 120 mm  
  • Height (with cap) from 70 to 150 mm  
  • Cap Size Range:
  • Diameter from 10 to 30 mm  
  • Brush height (h) from 0 to 90 mm  
  • Cap height (h1) from 20 to 50 mm  
  • NB: h+h1 = 150 mm. max