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Automatic capping machine, intermittent movement, equipped with one plugging unit, suitable to close glass or plastic bottles for the pharmaceutical and the cosmetic market.

  • Built in conformity with the GMP requirements;
  • Two tabletop conveyors, one for vial infeed and one for vial discharge, complete with adjustable guides;
  • The carousel has cavities to perform the bottle transport, and is equipped with a security mechanical clutch;
  • Machine frame in stainless steel with round corners;
  • The level of bottle transfer is 200mm from the machine level, to allow easy cleaning;
  • Extremely compact design;
  • Very versatile and easily managed;
  • Maximum accessibility of the working area;
  • Machine parts carefully designed to facilitate easy cleaning;
  • Easy and quick changeover thanks to the reduced number of parts.


ML55 is produced in three versions:

  • ML55V screw cap application (with brushless motor);
  • ML55T preassure cap application;
  • ML55R retorquer version for screw cap (with brusheless motor).

MECHANICAL SPEED: up to 65 bottles/minute



  • (A) = O.D. of round bottle: from 25 to 85 mm
  • (B) = Width x Width, square bottle: from 25 to 65 mm
  • (C) =  Long side, rectangular bottle: from 25 to 65 mm
  • (D) = Short side, rectangular bottle: from 25 to 65 mm
  • (G) = Total bottle height, without closure: from 40 to 115 mm

Closure Size Range:

  • (H) = Closure height: from 10 to 30 mm
  • (L) =  O.D.  of closure: from 7 to 50 mm