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Continuous motion thermoformer, suitable to produce blisters made of PVC + Aluminium, Aluminium + Aluminium, Polypropylene, PET and PVC, Aclar, COC, with dedicated devices.

  • Forming unit front side or back side, with self-aligning pre-heating plates, independently motorized;
  • Every single group is managed by brushless motors;
  • PC management;
  • Immediate line clearance and maximum visibility of all units;
  • Wide choice of feeding systems, based on the type of product to be processed: universal, dedicated, special and high speed feeders;
  • Positive blister exit;
  • Forming unit at the back of the machine to offer maximum layout compactness and to clearly separate the material processing zone from that where the products run;
  • Balcony structure for a clear separation of the mechanical part from the operational part;
  • Product loading system totally enclosed and completely detachable with dedicated trolley. This concept allows machine cleaning procedures and size change to be made out of line.

Main optional units available:

  • Multiple product feeder;
  • Printers for lidding material;
  • Printers for variable data;
  • Product presence control camera;
  • Sealing parameter controller;
  • Reject control verification;
  • Nitrogen flushing unit. 

Mechanical machine speed: up to a maximum of 90 cycles/minute 

Forming area: stroke 210 mm (8.268")– web width 310 mm (12.205 “)

Forming depth: maximum depth 9 mm (0,354")

Max. punching cycles: 300 per minute

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