Solid - Product detail



Automatic rigid tubes filling and closing machine, suitable to count and introduce positively tablets in plastic or metallic rigid tubes, cylindrical-shape.

  • Final tube closure with pressure cap and discharge of the tubes correctly filled on a bucket conveyor at machine outfeed, with cap facing the operator side;
  • Extremely compact tube feeding;
  • Tube transport is carried out through bushes that proceed with synchro-dynamic movements;
  • The tablet insertion is made with a system that moves them in positive way by means of a pick&place system;
  • Machine is manufactured in strictly compliance with GMP norms;
  • Balcony type (cantilever);
  • Conceived to clearly separate the working area from the area containing mechanical transmissions and electrical equipments;
  • Made of steel an aluminium with AISI304 stainless steel panels. The machine operating parts are constructed with materials suitable to operate at direct contact with product.


  • up to 1.000 tablets/minute


  • Tubes Diameter: from 16 to  40 mm
  • Tubes Length: from 60 to 160 mm
  • Tablets Diameter: from 14 to 35 mm
  • Tablets Thickness: from 3 to 8 mm
  • Cap Diameter: from  18 to 44 mm
  • Cap collar Height: from 1 to 10 mm