Solid - Product detail

MST300 Mini


Automatic machine for packaging solid products in strips. This compact machine fills, seals and cuts the strip and is a stand-alone application. Thanks to its compactness and to the easy disassembly of the single units using just a few tools, it is an ergonomic, flexible and versatile machine. Machine made of AISI 304S steel, with structural parts in nickel-plated FE and anodized aluminium.

  • Full balcony structure, compliant with cGMP standards;
  • Drive separate from functional modules;
  • Parts in contact with the product made of FDA approved material;
  • Maximum accessibility to operational area;
  • Possibility to install feeders for tablets, effervescent tablets, capsules and coated tablets using heat-seal film;
  • Tablet feeding system with vibrating plate. Monoblocforming station (for specific size), disassembled using a special forklift supplied with the machine;
  • 2 reel holders with end-of-reel sensors;
  • Film unwinding unit managed by an ultrasound system;
  • Film drive and vertical cutting unit controlled by clutches;
  • Product presence control;
  • Reject unit: flap for rejecting empty strips and/or incomplete strips into a dedicated bin.

Mechanical speed: (RPM) 100 horizontal cuts/minute

Nr. of channels: from 6 up to 12 max