Solid - Product detail

MST200 Mini


Automatic machine suitable to pack solid products, like tablets and/or dragées, caplets, capsules and effervescents etc. in sealed strips, for stand-alone installation.

  • The machine fills product into the strip, seals it with various lid materials and discharges it at the machine outfeed;
  • Designed for stand-alone applications (for the in-line version refer to the model MST200);
  • Roller type sealing, continuously controlled by load cell;
  • Maximum efficiency;
  • High reliability;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Ergonomical Design;
  • Rapid size change without the use of keys;
  • Innovative structure which allows the operator to easily monitor the product flow at any point in the machine.

Mechanical speed:100 horizontal cuts/minute

Nr. of channels: from 4 up to 10 max