Solid - Product detail



Machine designed to package solid products in strips, to be connected in line with downstream cartoning machine.

  • New concept of the web transit;
  • Full covered balcony structure;
  • Working area completely separated from the mechanical, electronic and electrical units;
  • High-tech unit for connection to the cartoner;
  • Possibility of connection to downstream cartoner, both “in line” and at 90°;
  • Capacity for differentiated strip rejection, separating empty packs from partly filled ones;
  • Feeders for tablets, effervescent tablets, capsules, dragées with all types of lidding materials;
  • Double dust extractor system;
  • Extremely compact;
  • Innovative structure which allows the operator to easily monitor the product flow at any point in the machine;
  • Very rapid, easy and tool-less size change-over.

Mechanical speed:100 horizontal cuts/minute

Nr. of channels: from 4 up to 8 max

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