SP detail



Automatic machine suitable for the application of a vignette label or similar on flat cartons. Printing systems on the upper face for 2D code (Data Matrix) and of human-readable data, with quality camera control. 

·       - Balcony structure;

·        - Continous motion;

·        -Positive carton transport;

·       - Pre-arranged for the inkjet printing installation and for OCR, OCV, human-readable data, and 2D code verification systems;

·       - Ergonomy and easy accesibility for machine clearance and process management;

·       - Visibility of the production process;

·       - Code accuracy application;

·       - Print quality achieving “A” and “B” grading;

·       - Easy and quick size changeover.

Size dimensions:

“W” dimension (A+B) = 50-170 mm (pitch 200 mm)

“F” dimension (H+2F*+2f*) = 160-400 mm (pitch 200 mm)


output (up to) 200 pz/min


“W” dimension (A+B) = 50-380 mm (pitch: 400 mm)

“F” dimension (H+2F*+2f*)= 160-400 mm (pitch: 400 mm)

output (up to) 100 pz/min (pitch: 400 mm)