SP detail

BA400 Argento


Continuous motion cartoner, combining the advantages of reduced overall dimensions with greater sturdiness and improved reliability. Balcony (cantilever) layout allows simple cleaning. Differentiated placement of mechanical and drive units as well as separated product handling are basis for a clean machine, assuring safety when executing lot changes. These cartoners have a completely enclosed structure with safety devices on all the opening parts to ensure overall protection and compliance with all the current safety regulations.

  • Meehanite cast iron base and the motor unit also in cast iron enclose the main drive mechanisms and the transmission in oil bath structures, permitting high speed operation without vibrations or noise, and reduce maintenance to a minimum;
  • Original carton loading pick-up and erection system: the magazine is positioned below the product conveyor line on the operator side to facilitate loading;
  • The positive motion pick up and erection drum can open cartons of 180°, thus obtaining correct pre-breaking of the cartons which can then be transferred by the traverse drum onto the conveyor belt and centred perfectly against the pockets containing the product;
  • The cartoning unit consists of two drive boxes, one fixed and the other with automatic size change adjustment;
  • The pusher unit on the opposite side to the operator allows space for maneuvering and easy access to all parts of the machine;
  • The rapid centralized adjustments of the product and carton conveyor belts, the rapid size setting systems with no need for tools enable rapid and precise size change adjustments.


  • up to 360 cartons/minute*

* Other machine configuration are possible, to reach a mechanical speed of 400 pcs/min


  • Width “A”: from 25 to 70 mm, pitch 95.25 mm
  • Height “B”: from 15 to 70 mm
  • Length “H”: from 78 to 150 mm