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Continuous motion horizontal cartoner suitable for high speed packing in cartons of all products (blisters, bottles, rigid and squeezable tubes, sachets and trays) for both pharmaceutical and cosmetics markets. Entirely built with a balcony structure, this machine has all features and advantages of Marchesini cartoners: carton magazine in an optimum position, maximum accessibility, extremely fast changeover times, minimal maintenance. It is possible to collect the various rejects (product, carton, leaflet) in different containers, allowing improved recognition and control of the rejected items and easier, safer handling of rejects.

  • Balcony construction fully compliant with cGMP standards;
  • All feeding units located in ergonomic positions;
  • Mechanical parts in an oil bath to reduce maintenance and limit noise;
  • Reliable and fast;
  • Simple, fast size changeover, can be performer entirely from the machine front;
  • Touch screen operator interface to control and change the machine functions;
  • Self-diagnosis function;
  • Help function to quickly and easily reset any faults;
  • Possibility of leaflet feed (optional), either pre-folded or with automatic folder in a position easily reachable by the operator;
  • Different printing systems available: embossing, ink-jet, laser (optional).


  • up to 400 cartons/minute


  • Width “A”: from 25 to 70 mm, pitch 95.25 mm,
  • Height “B”: from 15 to 85 mm
  • Length “H”: from 65 to 150 mm