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Continuous motion horizontal cartoner machine, designed to provide a simple workflow, granting great flexibility and easy handling. The Cartoner can be adapted to a wide range of applications; size range is wide and a variety of automatic feeding systems are available. Changeover to other carton sizes is simple, guided by digital indicators and millimeter scales, therefore, easy to be repeated. The machine’ s noise is very low, even at the highest speed.

  • The product infeed bucket chain is centrally adjustable and guided by digital readouts (the machine has been designed to accept automatic Marchesini feeding units, but there is no difficulty in adding customized dedicated feeders);
  • Balcony type construction allows a complete overview;
  • The magazine for empty cartons is equipped with pusher belts and minimum load control;
  • The magazine leaflet feeding units, GUK-Folder or prefolded leaflet magazine is placed close to the carton magazine and therefore easy accessibile by the operator;
  • A swivelling arm system provides for carton opening and a prebreak, allowing for a wide range of carton sizes to be handled. Its design makes the changeover very simple;
  • The set of product pushers is placed opposite the operator assuring good overview and easy intervention;
  • The pusher’s stroke force is controller and, in a case of overload, a machine stop is provided;
  • Carton closing is positively controlled and executed by fix and moving parts. The design of the closing group permits to work with various carton closures: tuck- or hotel glue closure, cartons having fourth tamper-evident panel or additional hanger panel;
  • The closed cartons are taken from the transport lugs by fast running discharge belts and cartons memorie for discard are rejected.


  • up to 180 cartons/minute


  • Width “A”  from 30 to 165 mm, pitch 190.5 mm,
  • Height “B” from 15 to 85 mm
  • Length “H”  from 90 to 150 mm
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