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Continous motion horizontal cartoner, entirely made with balcony construction, designed around three basic concepts: versatility, ergonomics and maximum efficiency in a small footprint. Because of its characteristics it is the ideal solution for packaging cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The product is inserted into cartons continuously, by means of 12 pushers placed opposite the operator side and following both product and carton transport chains. The mechanical output is up to 240 pcs/min.

Main features:

  • Balcony construction to comply with GMP regulations;
  • All feeding groups are located in ergonomic position, in order to make the loading easy for the operator;
  • All main drive mechanism are in oil bath, thus reducing maintenance and noise level;
  • Easy and fast changeover, entirely made from operator side;
  • Touch screen control panel, for operator interface and machine management;
  • Self-diagnosis and help functions;
  • Possibility to install an automatic pre-folded leaflet feeder, or a GUK unit (optional), always in an easy and accessible position for the operator;
  • Wide selection of coding systems: embossing, ink-jet, laser etc. (optional).


  • up to 240 cartons/minute


  • Width “A”: from 25 to 100 mm, pitch 127 mm,
  • Height “B”: from 15 to 85 mm
  • Length “H”: from 65 to 150 mm