SP detail



Horizontal intermittent motion cartoner, specifically designed for medium production rates cartoning applications. The machines is suitable for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and consumers products industry.

  • Bucket feeding chain into which, by means of dedicated feeders, the products are placed automatically to be cartoned. One sensor checks for the presence of the product in the bucket and calls the correspondent carton and leaflet (if necessary), enabling the sensors to retrieve the product;
  • Carton erection is carried out by the traditional blade opening system, which guaranties optimal operation with the widest range of cartons and cardboard quality;
  • Changeover is simple and fast, assisted by millimetric scales;
  • The Siemens operator interface control panel shows all the machine functions and displays the machine status, as well as fault/alarm messages;
  • The speed is set from the control panel and allows for adjustment to the optimal production speed;
  • Machine is build thinking first about its mechanical sturdiness, with no hydraulic or oleopneumatic devices, to guarantee a great reliability and duration.


  • up to 100 cartons/minute


  • Width “A”: from 20 to 110 mm, pitch 130 mm
  • Height “B”: from 12 to 55 mm
  • Length “H”: from 55 to 170 mm