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Continuous motion high speed horizontal cartoning machine, combining very compact dimensions, a strong basic structure and high safety performance. The working area is a balcony type (cantilever) layout. The cartoning section is composed of two enclosed drive units for carton transport and closing movements, running in oil bath. The lower backside of the machine, in a dedicated compartment, encloses the main brushless motor. Specially designed sloping surfaces below carry any ejected item towards the operator, collecting them in proper bins.

  • Product bucket infeed chain designed to be connected to various available automatic feeding units;
  • Simultaneous adjustment of all infeed buckets (related to product width) includes hand wheel and digital indicators;
  • High capacity carton magazine with pusher belt, with minimum load control;
  • Arms with suction cups take the carton and insert it in an oscillating mechanism, which provides to open and prebreak it at 90 degrees. The squared open carton is transferred into the carton transport lug chain;
  • Simple and adjustable settings of magazine guides and picking phase with digital indicators and millimeter scales. Separate rejects for product, leaflet and carton, for easy, safe handling of the production batch;
  • Simultaneous adjustment of carton transport lug chain, including digital indicator. Independent tension adjustment for each chain;
  • Product insertion into the carton, arriving in a previously loaded bucket chain, achieved with two pushers placed opposite the operator side following the continuous motion of the lug chain. Each pusher runs by an independent movement;
  • Servo powered adjustment for change in carton length.

After closure, the lug chain transfers the carton to two lateral accelerating discharge belts.

  • Extended bucket infeed chain;
  • Easy size adjustments with handwheel and digital indicators.


  • up to 160 cartons/Minute


  • Width “A”:   from 25 to 130 mm, pitch 158.75 mm
  • Height “B”:   from 15 to 85 mm
  • Length “H”:   from 65 to 150 mm