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Polycarton 900


This vertical intermittent motion cartoner has been a success for 30
years. A constant updating of its capabilities has made it a machine with the highest quality performance and up-to-day technical features. At the same time, the Polycarton 900 is a very reliable and flexibile machine.

  • Machine operations controlled by PLC;
  • Alphanumeric visual display for operator interface;
  • Carton forming carried out by combined action of erection blade and vacuum control;
  • Carton presence control;
  • Leaflet presence and detection control;
  • Large capacity belt driven carton magazine with minimum level control;
  • Automatic machine stop after three consecutive faults;
  • Variable working speed controlled via visual display unit;
  • Easy and fast size changeover;
  • Capability to handle standard tuck ,closure cartons, glue closure, or both.

Available in two different versions: Polycarton 900, suitable for two operators
working, or Polycarton 900 L, suitable for four operators working.


  • Width “a”: from 15 to 120 mm
  • Height “b”: from 15 to 90 mm
  • Length “h”: from 50 to 250 mm
  • Pre-folded leaflet size range: min. 15 x 100 mm / max. 50 x 200 mm


  • 90 strokes/1’ max. (POLYCARTON 900)
  • 75 strokes/1’ max. (POLYCARTON 900/L)
  • Output:
  • 80 cartons/1’ (POLYCARTON 900)
  • 70 cartons/1’ (POLYCARTON 900/L)