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Automatic, vertical intermittent motion cartoner, specifically designed to handle cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. It is built in a very ergonomic way, making operator’s interventions as easy as possible. Also, it guarantees a delicate handling of cartons and products.
The product can be fed to the machine with or without the use of pucks, and it is inserted into the carton by a pick-and-place system. The carton is picked from the horizontal magazine, rotated and inserted directly into the carton transport system, which operates in a positive way.

  • cGMP cantilevered design;
  • Motorized carton magazine, in ergonomic position, at 1100 mm from floor level for a very easy loading;
  • Automatic carton pick up and opening, performer by an innovative patented system;
  • Wide selection of printing systems (embossing, ink-jet, laser);
  • Possibility to integrate vision systems;
  • Automatic reject of incomplete cartons;
  • Maintenance free;
  • Very short changeover time;
  • High precision in picking the product;
  • Soft handling during the insertion operation avoiding any possible damage;
  • Grippers fitted on a belt are holding the carton during all packaging process.The grippers open before the carton is introduced between them, gently close in order to keep and transport it during the whole process and open again in order to finally release and place it on the outfeed belt.


  • max. 70 cartons per minute


  • Width “a”: from 30 to 105 mm, pitch 140 mm
  • Height “b”: from 30 to 90 mm
  • Length “h”: from 40 to 110 mm
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