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Balcony style bundler/stretch bander for cartons, designed following the build concept of the pharmaceutical industry and the cGMP rules. The complete machine structure, also balcony style in the sealing station, consists of a vertical wall supporting the front side of all the units and devices for the product handling. Measures have been taken in order to simplify checks at any time of the production cycle.

  • Main drives are piloted by servo motors and motion control units. In order to make drives more reliable at high speeds, the pneumatic devices have been replaced by mechanical ones;
  • Non-sequential movements assure high reliability and performance;
  • The function parameters of each format size are set and stored by display. Its structure allows a very good machine overview and an easy access to each transit area of the product as well as underneath the transport station;
  • Shorter infeed designed to improve the line emptying. A 90° placement is also possible;
  • The movements are no longer sequential, therefore, leaving a longer time for the sealing and cooling cycle;
  • Brushless motors requires less maintenance. This assures reliability and optimises the speed of the format size change over;
  • Expanding shafts with mechanical control ensures a quick film roll replacement.


  • 50 bundles per minute


  • (a) Product Width: from 20 to 315 mm
  • (b) Product Height: from 12 to 100 mm
  • (h) Product Length: from 50 to 200 mm

Reel Dimensions:

  • Outer diam. max 300 mm
  • Width from 40 to 300 mm
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