SP detail

MF910 Mini


Automatic overwrapper suitable to collate boxes, cartons or other regular shaped single or bundled products and wrap in a six-sided complete wrap, lateral envelope folds. The machine utilizes heat sealable material like co-extruded and/or coated polypropylene etc. The bundler design is composed by a basic structure and cantilever (balcony) type placement of movements and functions. 

  • Each movement is achieved by brushless motor and PC controlled;
  • Size adjustments through servomotors, through PC input and executed automatically;
  • Temperatures of sealers are set from the Operator Panel and dedicated to the size in use;
  • Easy changeover with a minimum use of tools;
  • Single extractable reel holder (extractable – telescopic type) placed on operator side for easy replacement;
  • Unwinding of wrapping material from the roll placed in-line in reference to the flow direction of the product;
  • Discharge by sealing plates;
  • Centered product stop within the sealers to obtain even a point seal in the same position on all packages.

MF910 mini


  • 60 to 100 pcs/minute (in high speed version)


  • Product Width “a”: from 20 to 300 mm (0.787 - 11.811”)
  • Product Height “b”: from 12 to 150 mm (0.472 - 5.905”)
  • Product Length “h”: from 60 to 250 mm (1.968 - 9.842”)



  • up to 120 pcs/minute


  • Product Width “a”: from 25 (0,98’’)  to 200 (7,87’’) mm
  • Product Height “b”: from 20 (0,79’’) to 90 (3,54’’) mm
  • Product Length “h”: from 65 (25,59’’) to 190 (7,48’’) mm