SP detail



Automatic machine suitable to overwrap cartons and/or regular shaped single or bundled products in a six-sided complete wrap with lateral envelope folds. 

  • Each movement is achieved by brushless motor and PC controlled;
  • Size adjustments through servomotors, through PC input and executed automatically, without use of tools;
  • Temperatures of sealers are set from Operator Panel and dedicated to the size in use;
  • Single extractable reel holder (extractable – telescopic type) placed on operator side for easy replacement;
  • Robotized product feeding;
  • Vertical film unwinding and cutting unit feeds the wrapping sheet providing product automatic positioning;
  • Bypass belt for products that must not be overwrapped;
  • Centered product stop within the sealers to obtain even a point seal in the same position on all packages.


  • Up to 80 bundles/minute


  • Product Width “a”: from 20 to 130 mm 
  • Product Height “b”: from 15 to 90 mm 
  • Product Length “h”: from 65 to 200 mm 
  • Product Width “A”: from 50 to 130
  • Product Height “B”: from 25 to 90 mm
  • Product Length “H”: from 65 to 200 mm