SP detail

FA 04V (new)


Automatic intermittent motion machine designed in accordance with cGMP standards for wrapping with stretch film. Conceived primarily for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical markets, simplicity of design and high-speed output are its main features.

General features:

  • Servo driven motor guarantees reliability and synchronized movement even at high speed
  • Machine and motors managed by PC
  • Balcony style structure with clear division between mechanical parts situated at the rear of the machine
  • and product flow at the front
  • Ergonomic structure facilitates machine inspection and provides high workflow visibility
  • Simple and linear construction for easy cleaning
  • Speed, strokes and single group positions are set up from the PC, making correct machine set-up automatic
  • and size changeover extremely quick and easy


  • Up to 50 bundles/minute


  • Product Width “a”: from 35 to 90 mm 
  • Product Height “b”: from 15 to 90 mm 
  • Product Length “h”: from 75 to 155 mm 
  • Bundle Width “A”: from 70 to 180
  • Bundle Height “B”: from 15 to 180 mm
  • bundle Length “H”: from 75 to 155 mm