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Automatic horizontal palletizer. Compact, ergonomic, reliable and sturdy, it is innovative and versatile thanks to the use of robotised solutions which significantly enhance performances in terms of speed and flexibility. The main operation is managed through the Gigacombi robot, a high performance, extremely versatile device. Thanks to a dedicated version, it allows the use of two palletizing/depalletizing stations at the same time. While one station is operating, the pallet can be changed in the other.

  • All operations are fully automated, performed by brushless motors and controlled by a Siemens 677 PC;
  • The shippers are transported to the pick-up station of the palettizer. The roller belt offers the possibility to include a turning device or a check weigher, before the palletizing operations start;
  • Fast and accurate palletizing operation thanks to the Gigacombi robot, which allows the use of two palletizing/depalletizing stations at the same time;
  • Pick-up heads with vacuum, rotation freedom all 360° degrees;
  • Lifting structures with internal guides and counterbalance weights;
  • Manual empty pallet loading and manual full pallet discharge within dedicated guides;
  • Infeed: minimum load control, the machine remains idle if product is low and starts automatically if product flow is restored.


Up to 7 pick-up/minute

Product size - External product size:

  • ‘A1’ Length from 140 to 520mm - (from 5,512” to 20,472”)
  • ‘H1’ Height (Depth) from 120 to 350mm – (from 4,724” to 13,78”)
  • Product Infeed: 450 +/- 50mm (17.75 +/- 2”) from floor level
  • Pallet: Europallet “X” 800 x “Y” 1000 or “X” 1000 x “Y” 1200  mm, Total height (stack + pallet,  “W” + “Z”) 1500 mm
  • Pallet Placement: Manual pallet loading and discharge from floor level
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