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Automatic top loading casepacker. This machine packs loose products which have to be kept upright, e.g. various types of jars or bottles, as well as traditional cartons and squared bundles, making it a great solution for the cosmetic sector. Compact, ergonomic, reliable and sturdy, it is innovative and versatile thanks to the use of robotised solutions which significantly enhance performances in terms of speed and flexibility.

  • All operations are fully automated, performed by brushless motors and controlled by a Siemens 677 PC;
  • The case is fed into a vertical magazine located in an ergonomic position on the front of the machine. High loading capacity;
  • The pick-and-place system performs positive case pick up and erection;
  • The product to be packaged, fed on the infeed belt, arrives underneath the pick-and-place head, which picks it up and inserts it directly into the case, with a vertical motion;
  • Each pick up operation is checked during every cycle to guarantee that the final composition of the case is correct. Pick-and-place by grippers can also be provided.


  • 10 cases/minute
  • Pick & Place unit of casepacker: up to 25 product picking cycles/minute

Product size:   

  • ‘a’ from 20 to 290mm
  • ‘b’ from 30 to 290mm
  • ‘h’ from 15 to 250mm


  • ‘a1' up to 390 mm
  • ‘b1' up to 290mm
  • ‘h1' up to 290mm

Case, external:  

  • ‘A1’ length from 140 to 400mm
  • ‘B1’ width from  135 to 300mm
  • ‘H1’ height (depth) from 100 to 300mm
  • Product infeed: 870 ± 50 mm
  • Case Discharge: From 690 to 420mm