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Automatic case packer machine with a compact and modern design is the ideal solution to work with a wide range of sizes. Its fully enclosed structure has been studied to suit CE safety rules. Product insertion happens by means of a mobile tunnel, to minimise all mechanical movements in order to gain speed, reliability and lasting time. Fast and easy changeover operations, full accessibility and visibility of the working area.

  • Alphanumerical display for a simple and immediate operator interface;
  • Machine operations controller by PLC;
  • Torque overloading control on every motor;
  • Minimum level shippers control;
  • Correct shipper erection detection;
  • Adhesive tape breaking and/or end of tape reel detection;
  • Setting of speed and stacking through display;
  • Reduced dimensions compared to the PS500;
  • Two different stations for the erection of the case and the cartoning of the products: this helps save one operation time and increase the machine speed;
  • Products pusher electronic self-positioning, with setting of the movement range through display;
  • Automatic end-of-batch machine emptying.




  • Up to 10 cases/minute
  • Up to 17 cases/minute (if the machine is equipped with the option “Double Stroke Case Transport”)

Product Sizes:  

  • ‘A’ from 25 to 440mm (0,984” – 17.322”)
  • ‘B’ from 15 to 140mm (0.59” – 5.5”)
  • ‘H’ from 65 to 180mm (2.56” – 7”)

Case Sizes - External RSC case dimensions:

  • “A1” Length from 140 to 450mm (5.5” – 17.7”)
  • “B1” Width from 120 to 350mm (4.724” – 13.78”)
  • “H1” Height (Depth) from 75 to 350mm (2.95” – 17.716”)
  • Infeed Height: 860 ÷ 930mm   (33,86” –36,61 “)
  • Discharge Height: 730 mm ÷ 830mm (28.74” ÷ 32,68”)
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