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A new record for the Packaging Valley

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07-04, 2014
In an article entitled Packaging, the district build a network approach and flies high, the Sole 24 Ore newspaper speaks about the present situation of the packaging industry in Italy. Starting from the latest figures published by Ucima (Union of Italian Manufacturers of Packaging and Wrapping Machines), the industry has been confirmed once again as the peak of excellence of Italian mechanics, coming first in terms of turnover and its propensity to export among manufacturers of fixed assets.

The figures of 2013 registered by Ucima are growing strongly for the Italian packaging industry, with a turnover that breaks through 6 billion Euro, being 9.2% more than the previous year. The industry is driven by exports – 5 of the 6 billion in turnover do indeed come from exports, rising by +4.4% over the initial months of 2014 – but also by the domestic demand, which despite new signs of the GDP coming to a halt, marked a rise of +7.8 % in 2013. 

According to the figures of Ucima taken from the Sole 24 Ore newspaper, 62.5% of the total turnover is created in the Packaging Valley of Emilia Romagna, which is the heart of the Italian pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging machine industry. This outcome is due to the use of a productive model that is not outsourceable but is based on the close collaboration between small and very small businesses, which are the sub-supply network, and the big industrial enterprises.

This industrial policy enables large companies to help small ones, by providing guarantees to banks and avoiding the credit crunch. «We have signed an agreement with the Popolare dell’Emilia bank so that our suppliers deduct the invoices under the Group’s name with our creditworthiness and not theirs» Maurizio Marchesini, CEO of the Marchesini Group, explained to the Sole 24 Ore journalist. «In this way, costs are lowered and cash is released». «For 2014», Maurizio Marchesini concluded, «we are expecting the Group’s turnover to grow by 14% compared with the 206 million of 2013».
An extract from Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper

An extract from Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper

An extract from Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper