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Bertolino: “Marchesini Group, a proactive business that creates energy”

Company news
10-18, 2010
The inauguration of the new factory was an enjoyable party for employees, suppliers, customers and friends of Marchesini Group. Visitors were thrilled to see the special Guest, Enrico Bertolino, a well-known national TV performer and expert in communication skills who entertained everyone with his amusing performance.
We asked our “special guest” three questions: - What do you think of Marchesini Group?
B. “As both performer and consultant, I’m enthusiastic when I come into contact with a “proactive” business, namely with one that foretells changes. Marchesini Group is an Italian company that not only creates job opportunities but also energy. What’s more, this company focuses on people. Finally, Marchesini aims at innovation without forgetting its traditions by keeping a “family approach”. - The inauguration of these facilities starts off the 5-day Open House event. What do you think of this way of relating with customers?
B. “The Open House turns customers and suppliers into partners, because they are partly involved in the company’s decisions. In this way, customers are able to see the company for themselves and how it works and are thus involved. The Open House is a way of captivating customers so that they realise the “we are working for you” concept. Marchesini certainly takes on a great deal of responsibility with the Open House: customers are in some way involved in the decision-making phase, coming into direct contact with the company and when they receive the finished product they know where it comes from and know they have been respected”. - What’s the difference in how a performer faces an audience in a theatre rather than in a factory?
B. “It was rather a challenge for me to perform in a factory, but it was also an opportunity to make one of my dreams come true: my father had a small business, and as a young boy I often worked with him in summer, and I think there’s something uniquely fascinating about a factory. So I really enjoyed speaking to professional business people and their families at their workplace rather than speaking at a theatre, on television or in a sports stadium. Sometimes it’s important to have a laugh when you’re at work. By maintaining a sort of “recreational atmosphere” the factory can indeed become a pleasant place where people work together with enthusiasm, where relations are important and where there is satisfaction in seeing the finished product”.