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Fast line: special feature, incredibly fast

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10-14, 2012
Its name is FAST and it is the fastest ever blister machine produced by Marchesini. It packages over 720 blisters/minute. A 100% PC-managed continuous-motion thermoformer and servomotors are the outcome of Marchesini’s expertise in the field of blister packaging machines. It is the ideal solution for customers who require machines that work at high production speeds.
The winning feature of the line is the possibility to change its configuration from two to three channels and vice versa; this aspect guarantees utmost flexibility and high production rates, because the line’s set-up can indeed be modified incredibly fast and quite easily, likewise for size change-over operations.
All parts of the line present technological solutions of great interest for the market of blister machines.
Highly innovative are the brand new “high speed” loaders, devised and patented by Marchesini, which were greatly appreciated by customers during the latest edition of Achema 2012, the major international venue focusing on chemical engineering. Why are they innovative? The answer is simple: because they are able to feed complex products, safeguarding them throughout the process and ensuring high production speeds.
The connection unit between the blister machine and the cartoning machine is definitely revolutionary because it can be replaced in one single block in less than 30 minutes, with the aid of a mere trolley. Once the connection unit is replaced, the line is ready to start again immediately without having to make any other size adjustments and this cuts time and production costs drastically.
Another important novelty concerns the new carton magazine, which is much more capacious than the conventional feeding system, thus offering higher levels of loading self-sufficiency.
The FAST line also offers major production performances thanks to additional winning features, namely: the blister conveyor exploits positive motion, without any in-between steps, thus safeguarding the product against possible damage during the packaging phases; all the parts of the machine units have quick-release coupling systems; the number of size change-over parts is half that of the previous version; some mechanical improvements have been added to the forming, sealing and cutting units; all types of stacks can be created; it is much more compact than a conventionally combined line; a separation wall can be installed between the blister machine and the cartoner; it is even quieter;
In addition to the high performance in terms of reliability and flexibility, all these features guarantee outstanding ergonomics, hygiene simplicity and straightforward size change-over operations, so that operators are able to manage the machine very simply and without wasting time.