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FdR meets Mario Calabresi and Roberto Bonzio: enthusiasm and a good turnout

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02-25, 2012
There are two ways of facing a critical or problematic situation: the first, that off giving up and feeling sorry for oneself, without even attempting to put up a fight; the second, that of believing and investing in one’s own ideas and dreams, fighting right to the very end”. These are the words of Mario Calabresi, Director of the Italian newspaper “La Stampa” and book writer, during the event entitled “Cosa tiene accese le stelle: Fior di Risorse meets Mario Calabresi” held at Marchesini Group and organized by Fior di Risorse – Persone al centro”. The settings of the event were a production factory of Marchesini Group. A hundred or so participants came to listen with great interest to Mr. Calabresi, assisted by Roberto Bonzio, an appreciated journalist and creator of the project entitled “Italiani di Frontiera”, on the following topics: the importance of thinking outside the box and believing in one’s own projects and dreams; enhancing talent; the possibility to act positively and actively in a period of crisis, such as that of our days. The two journalists captivated the audience with real stories and substantial portrayals of people “who made it” despite many problems and difficulties, thanks to their positive attitude, backed by great effort, faith and the “hunger for novelty”.
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